A Full Heating Cover Plan For Just £15 Per Month?

Our heating cover plan is just £15 per month!

Looking after our customers is our top priority and we want to ensure their heating systems are in tip top condition throughout the year. We offer our heating cover plan for just £15 per month to ensure that any homeowner can afford it and get an almost immediate response whenever they needed it.

Being a smaller, more agile and local company, A&A Gas Service can save all of our customers a huge amount compared with what they’re probably paying already.

As an example of how we help, last winter, a homeowner in Milton Keynes had a fault with their boiler so they had no heating. They called their existing supplier and was quoted a two-week wait because they were so busy! That’s two weeks of no heating in the middle of winter!

After reading a load of great reviews online, they contacted us and we were out there the next day and fixed the boiler with spares from our van. They immediately cancelled their heating cover plan with their existing supplier and signed up to ours, especially when they found out it was half the price of their current one!

So that’s all parts and labour covered, and a very quick response time to get your boiler and central heating system up and running again quickly and efficiently. All for just £15 per month on direct debit.

And we’ll even include a yearly check to ensure everything is running efficiently!

If you’d like to talk to us about our Heating Cover Plan, why not give A&A Gas Service a call on 01908 803773 and see how much you could save!


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