Boiler Repairs And Happy Homeowners!

We had a call yesterday from a slightly panicked homeowner who desperately needed a boiler repair. This was going to be a major fix of a very old boiler.

The electrical board that controls all the different valves and relayed had gone pop. In fact, the homeowner said they heard a massive bang so knew it was going to be expensive. Except it wasn’t! They had our heating cover plan.

And that meant that it wasn’t going to cost them a single penny to get repaired!

One of our engineers visited the next day and diagnosed the problem. Yes, the control board had given up the ghost because one of the valves had clogged up with limescale and the poor thing had just overloaded trying to get enough water through it.

We don’t keep things like control boards on our vans so we rang around a couple of our suppliers and found one. As the supplier wasn’t far away, instead of just ordering it and waiting for delivery, our engineer drove down there to pick it up and returned to fit it within the hour.

We do have valves on the vans, so after replacing that and checking everything else, we put the new control board into the boiler and turned it on. It fired up the first time, and the radiators started hearting up almost immediately.

However, our engineer wasn’t totally happy with the temperature of the radiators so bled them all around the house and before they left. That’s another very happy homeowner who had the sense to take out our heating cover plan before something went wrong.

We estimate this would have cost at least £300 in parts, and £150 in our time to get the boiler up and running again, so our customer got a great deal. They pay just £15 per month!

And remember … our heating cover plan costs half of that of the large suppliers. And we can normally fix things the very next day so homeowners are not waiting around on engineers and parts and get their home toasty warm again as quickly as possible.

If you’d like to talk to us about our Heating Cover Plan, why not give A&A Gas Service a call on 01908 803773 and see how much you could save!


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