Does Your Central Heating System Need A Power Flush?

Does your central heating system need a power flush?

If you’re finding your home is warming up too slowly, or isn’t as warm as you were expecting, then it’s quite possible your central heating system needs a power flush …

We had a homeowner call us late last year. They said that although the new, efficient, boiler we installed a couple of years ago was brilliant and had saved them a lot of money already, they were wondering why their house had started to take an age to warm up.

In addition, their boiler was making noises they hadn’t heard before so wanted some advice!

We did mention when we installed the boiler that they should watch out for this issue and that we could offer them a central heating system power flush if it became a problem.

Like our customer, are you are noticing any of the following symptoms?

  • boiler switching on and off frequently (cycling)
  • boiler constantly breaking down
  • hot water keeps getting hot and then cold
  • boiler making knocking or banging noise
  • radiators taking a long time to heat up
  • radiators get cold spots
  • radiators not getting hot when the pipework is
  • your house always feels cold even when the heating is on
  • boiler making a kettle noise (resembles a kettle boiling!)
  • rusty water when you bleed the radiators and in some severe cases when you run the hot tap

Ignoring these symptoms could cause bigger issues later on and it may seriously damage your boiler! If this is the case for you, then a central heating system flush is going to be a great idea.

If your central heating system has any of the above symptoms and you need to arrange a power flush, call on 01908 803773 today!


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