My boilers broken – what should I do?

Please call our booking line – 01908 803773 option 1 to book an appointment, however if you already have a policy you will have been given your priority line number to contact.

What if my boiler cannot be fixed?

We can provide a quote to replace the broken boiler

When will you carry out my service?

We will complete your annual service within two weeks each contracted year.

Will I be charged a call out fee?

If you have monthly cover then no, you will receive unlimited call outs, however, if you do not have a contract with us then you call outs will be subject to the normal hourly rate (bank holidays and extreme weather conditions may result in an increase in the hourly rate, which you will be advised of before the appointment).

How long will it take?

Each appointment can vary but for a straightforward boiler service it ‘normally’ takes around one hour.

How can I pay for the work?

We accept cash or debit/credit card on the day.

What does a boiler service include?

One of our engineers will visit your home and perform a series of checks on your system.

Visual Inspection to check the boiler still meets current standards and requirement and look for any corrosion or leaks. They will also visually check the flame in your boiler.

Removal of the boiler casing they will then check the components to ensure everything is working correctly and then clean the inside of the boiler. These checks should include the heat exchanger, burner, main injector and spark probe.

Flue check the engineer will ensure there are no obstructions in the flue terminals and that the flue is safely fitted.

Gas pressure check – this will ensure your boiler is working at the correct pressure.

Boiler fired up – this allows the engineer to check for any working faults.

You will then receive a service report, explaining their findings and what they have done. If you have any questions, please do not be afraid to ask the engineers and they will be happy to explain things and advise you accordingly.

If you feel that your boiler is not working as it should, then please do not wait for your annual service – please contact our offices and we can get an engineer to assess it for you.

What boilers are eligible?

Your boiler must be:

  • Owned by you and used for personal and non-business purposes only (for the avoidance of doubt products located in leased-out domestic homes are eligible);
  • In good working order and under 20 years old when you take out the plan; and
  • Located in the UK

Your boiler cannot be:

  • A warm air unit;
  • A commercial or industrial grade boiler/controls; or
  • Located on a boat or in a mobile home.

Note: each heating cover plan only applies to a single boiler. Any additional boilers would need to be looked after by a separate plan.

Will you check my radiators?

Not unless you report a fault i.e. some radiators not heating up properly.

If I have pipework leaks will you repair this FOC as part of the heating cover?

Yes, as long as the pipework is accessible, we will repair FOC (for internal damage only) – accidental damage is not covered.

Am I allowed to get another company to replace my boiler/system whilst under contract with yourselves?

Yes, however please be aware that your cover can only continue subject to a brand-new survey where the decision will be made whether the system is still eligible.

Do you cover mains water supply issues? (taps/showers/toilets)

No,  you would need to contact a plumber.

Will you need to inspect our system beforehand?

Yes, all systems are subject to a survey before we agree to cover your property.

How do I make my monthly payments for the cover?

We request that all payments for monthly cover are made by direct debit.

When will I be covered from?

Your cover will start from the moment we receive your first payment.

How long does my plan last for?

It is a rolling monthly contract, with a minimum of one year.

Do you cover my area?

We cover the following areas:

    • Milton Keynes
    • Bedfordshire
    • Northamptonshire
    • Buckinghamshire
    • Oxfordshire

If I move to a new house, can I take my cover with me?

As long as it is within an area that we cover, we will survey the new system and a decision will be made whether we can continue with your policy. If we are unable to continue the cover at your new property, then we will require the rest of the years monthly payments to be made in full to close your account, as part of our cancellation policy.

Can the cover be transferred between people?

Yes, but new documentation will need to be completed and submitted.

What is a Power Flush? Do I need it, and what will it involve?

Power flushing is the process by which the central heating system of a house is flushed clean of rust, sludge and any other debris that may have accumulated.

If you are noticing any of these symptoms, then you may need your system flushing:

  • Boiler switching on and off frequently (aka ‘cycling’)
  • Boiler constantly breaking down
  • If you have a combination boiler you may notice that the hot water keeps getting hot and then cold. A non-stable temperature may continue to get worse, until you do not get any hot water at all.
  • Boiler making banging and/or knocking noise
  • Central heating radiators taking a long time to heat up
  • Radiators getting cold spots
  • Radiators not getting very hot when the pipe work is getting hot
  • House always feels cold even when the heating’s on
  • Boiler making a kettle noise (resembles a kettle boiling!)
  • Discoloured water when you bleed the radiators and in some severe cases when you run the tap

If you ignore any of these symptoms and do not contact us then boilers may become so damaged that they’ll be deemed uneconomical to repair, therefore requiring a replacement.

These problems on their own may be able to be rectified without power flushing, however, if you notice more that one at any time then it is probably worth considering a power flush.

Can you service warm air heating systems?

No, this is not something we currently offer.

Do you replace smoke alarms?

We do not book specific appointments to install smoke alarms, however, if you do need a replacement alarm, we can arrange this installation at your service appointment which would be subject to the cost of the parts. These alarms are not maintained by us.

Can you install carbon monoxide detectors?

Yes, if your heating system requires you to have one.

I have a morning appointment booked – what time will the engineer arrive?

Pre-booked morning appointments are between 9am – 1pm, unfortunately we are unable to provide a specific time due to the nature of the work.

I have an afternoon appointment booked – what time will the engineer arrive?

Pre-booked afternoon appointments are between 12pm – 4pm, unfortunately we are unable to provide a specific time due to the nature of the work.

How long does it take to sign up?

Our engineers can provide you with the paperwork to complete there and then, which will take about 10 minutes, or alternatively they can leave them with you.

What will happen after I sign up?

We will process your paperwork and you will receive confirmation of your direct debit.

Ive applied for heating cover, but have changed my mind – what should I do?

In the instance that you do not wish to proceed with our cover, please contact the office on 01908 803773 or enquiries@aandagas.com and we can talk you through to the procedure to cancel the policy.

How do I cancel my plan?

If you are cancelling after the 14-day cooling off period – you will need to pay the remainder of the years monthly payments in full to ensure closure of your policy.