Have You Thought About Moving Your Boiler To The Loft?

A while ago, we had an enquiry from a couple in a nearby town asking for us to move their boiler from one wall of their kitchen to a different one. They were getting a new kitchen installed professionally and were spending a considerable amount of their hard-earned cash to make it look perfect.

The husband wasn’t at all happy about the new location of the boiler as it meant boxing it in with a false cupboard and they’d need a new flue cutting in the wall at that location. So the couple called me in to take a look.

Imagine their surprise when I looked at the plans for the kitchen, then asked to go look in their loft!

I explained to them that if they were spending so much on their dream kitchen, then why should they waste all that space with a false cupboard when moving the boiler to the loft was a perfectly good idea.

We took a look in the loft, I worked out that new pipes weren’t a major problem and there was a good electricity supply up there, and it was just as easy to put a flue through the wall up there than it was through the kitchen wall.

We moved the boiler to the loft and made sure it was at the right height for engineers to easily work on in future

The wife thought it was a great idea because she’d get more storage space, and although initially sceptical, the husband agreed to give it a go on condition he got a hive thermostat app he could use on his phone.

So we came in the day before the kitchen fitters were due, got all the pipework adjusted, worked with other trades to put the new flue through the roof, then disconnected their boiler from the kitchen. It took us a solid 10-hours, but it was all in place in the loft, tested and heating their home again within the day.

The app meant they had total control even though we'd moved the boiler to the loft

I helped the husband install the hive app on his phone and showed him how it worked. He was particularly impressed with the ‘geotracking’ feature that meant the heating would go off automatically when they left the house and come on again when they got within a couple of miles of home.

Now we have a couple of very happy homeowners, with a boiler humming away quietly in the loft, controlled from an app on their phone, with their dream kitchen and all that extra space. They’ve even taken our heating cover for just £15 a month to be sure we’ll be the ones looking after it in the future for them.

Amazing how moving your boiler to the loft really can be a great idea! Call us on 01908 803773 if you’d like to find out more about us and how we can look after your heating system.


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