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LPG Boiler Service

LPG Boiler Service

An LPG service is will include a different set of checks to a normal gas boiler. Although it is a different checklist you are equally advised to have this done annually to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your system. You will then receive a certificate to show the engineers findings and/or recommendations.

What does an LPG Boiler service Include?

Whilst it has the same concept as a normal service, there are a different set of checks that will need to be performed on your system:

  • Visual check of the LPG tank
  • Check the supply line to the tank
  • Check the air supply – combustion and ventilation
  • Check of the chimney/flue
  • Electrical safety check
  • Heat exchange check – boilers, fires and warm air units
  • Combustion chambers check
  • Firing mechanism check
  • Appliance safety control check
  • Cleaning the burner
  • Inspection for wear and tear – preventing costly breakdowns
  • Re-assembly and testing to Gas Safe requirements
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Frequently asked questions

What is the cost to Repair an LPG Boiler

Our Call out fee is £60 + VAT for first half hour and then £65 + VAT for every hour or part of there after.

How long does it take ?

Each appointment can vary but for a straightforward boiler service it ‘normally’ takes around one hour.

How Can I pay for the service?

We accept cash or debit/credit card on the day.