Why Homeowners Are Moving Their Heating Cover Plan To A&A Gas Service

Whenever we’re called out to new customers’ homes, regardless of whether we’re doing a system drain, a boiler repair or sorting out a radiator, we’ll always talk to them about our Heating Cover Plan.

And you’d be as surprised as they often are when they discover how little it costs for the level of service they’ll get. We think the Heating Cover Plans of people like British Gas are massively overpriced for what they offer.

Being a smaller, more agile and local company, A&A Gas Service can save all of our customers a huge amount compared with what they’re probably paying already, and that happened quite recently during a call out to a new customer of ours.

It was a cold, midwinter’s evening and their trusty boiler had broken down. When they phoned British Gas to get a repair scheduled, they were told how busy their engineers were and that they’d have to wait two weeks for an engineer to visit.

Two weeks! In the middle of winter! Can you imagine it? So they got on Google and after reading a load of great testimonials for A&A Gas Service, called us to see if we could help them. Well, of course, and we were able to send one of our expert engineers the very next day and get their boiler up and running with the spares we had in the van.

So we now had a very happy (and warm) customer who immediately inquired about our own Heating Cover Plan to compare it with the one they already had.

We told them that in 99% of cases, we could be there the very next day and that it would be half of what they were paying at the moment. Guess who immediately cancelled their current plan with the big guys and signed-up to ours?

Recently, one of our long-standing customers decided to cancel their heating cover plan with A&A gas and go with her gas supplier direct. She said it was free for the first year and only £9 after that. We did warn her that this sound too good to be true, but she went ahead regardless.

Three months later she contacted us to say she has a problem with her boiler. We told her that boiler cover has been cancelled on her request. She said that her gas supplier is trying to charge her an excess of £90 per repair. And, as she had a problem with both her boiler and a radiator, that’s £180 repair bill! She did say that she will be coming back to A&A Gas as soon as she could.

The moral of the story is that if something is too good to be true, it probably is!

So how much are you paying for your heating cover plan? Are you happy with the level of service you’re getting? What would happen if you called them about a boiler breakdown or a leaky radiator? Would they charge you an excess for the callout? How about for each repair? How long do you think they’d take to visit in the first place?

Then ask yourself if just £15 per month is a good price! We’re sure you’ll come to the same conclusion as our newest, happiest client and get cover with A&A Gas Service as soon as you can.

If you’d like to talk to us about our Heating Cover Plan, why not give A&A Gas Service a call on 01908 803773 and see how much you could save!


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