You Don’t Want An Expensive Repair Bill For Your Boiler!

In these very uncertain times, the last thing you need is an expensive bill to repair your boiler. The days are grey, damp and gloomy right now, and the nights are getting colder. Can you be without your boiler for long?

At A&A Gas Service, we offer an alternative heating cover plan to people like British Gas, and our plan is just £15 per month which covers the cost of all repairs to your entire heating system.

Our heating cover plan also includes an annual boiler service to keep it ticking along!

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic we are all in right now, we will attempt to diagnose any fault over the phone and, if it is an easy fix, we’ll instruct you on what you need to do to get it working again.

Our easy to pay monthly boiler service ensures you never have to go without heating. From periodic Boiler Maintenance to breakdowns, gas pressure checks to repairs. No excess, no hidden fees.

If you’d like to talk to us about our Heating Cover Plan, why not give A&A Gas Service a call on 01908 803773 and see how much you could save!


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